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  • Tribute to Mac
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Sep 17 2018
    The following is a tribute to Mac Gordon from one of his long time singing pals Gerry Goodwin.

    I first met Mac when I transferred to K-W Chapter from the old Hamilton Chorus in 1975.  At that time, Mac sang baritone, and I sang tenor.    We sang together during those first few years, entering many Spring and Fall competitions.  In very early 1977, our then chorus director, Lyle Pettigrew, predicted that our chorus would win the Spring Competition, enter and win the Fall Competition, winning the right to go to International in 1978, and place in the top half of the choruses.  ( At that time, there were only 16 choruses competing ).  Lyle's predictions were " right one" and it all came true.  We did win both Ontario District competitions, and went on to place 8th in International Competition in 1978 in Cincinnatti . There were 91 members of Twin City Harmonizers on stage at that competition ( 8 members were not in attendance for whatever reason ). I'm not quite sure when Mac transferred to Roadshow, but I transferred to that same chorus in 1985, when I moved to Burlington.  And we've been singing together ever since.  
    When Roadshow terminated at the end of 2005, and G H Chorus started in 2006, both Mac and I joined this chorus, and once again, continued our singing together.  It is noted that when he drove from Brantford, he brought with him, Jim Sutherland and Don Gilmar.  And also to be noted, was that Don Gilmar also sang with Mac and I in K-W chorus and were together at the Int. Comp. in 1978.  I still have that chorus picture taken in Cincinnatti.  

  • Mac Gordon Honourarium
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Sep 16 2018
    Mac has been singing barbershop music for over 50 of his current 100 years.  He has made an on stage appearance at  International Competitions  some 40 years ago.   We had the pleasure of inducting Mac as our first Lifetime Honourary Member of the Golden Horseshoe Chorus on Thurday September13.  He was involved early in the formation of Sing Canada and continues to be an active supporter.  He was a founding member of the GHC and is a strong member of the bass section.  Congratulations Mac.
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